Sunday, January 9, 2011

Most Beautiful Bright Eyes

Bright Eyes

Eyes are that part of our body which expresses everything in our mind. Some time we try to hide our feeling but eyes tell everything. So eyes are very expressive part of our body. Some time verbal communication fails in front of eyes to eyes communication. Well lovers understand what I am trying to say. Eyes can express love, anger, hunger, hate, kindness etc. means every emotion.The emotion which can't be expressed through words eyes can do that. So In this post I am posting world’s most beautiful bright eyes. These eyes belong to my favorite and world famous celebrity. Well you see and tell me the name of this celeb. These eyes are very bright. You please tell me your view about these eyes.


Anonymous said...

hmmm interesting you view of "beautiful eyes." I noticed only one set of brown and no "black." All these woman are fair skinned and look pretty much the same, probably look like you. But I am not surprised either, just find it very sad you are so limited in your understanding of beauty.

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