Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Button as Ornament

Button as Ornament

I just found very creative art and craft example created by using buttons. Indeed creator has a very unique mind to use button in such a beautiful, and creative manner. This craft is very appealing to the eyes and very neatly crafted....

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas Decoration Ideas Pics

Christmas Decoration Ideas Pics

Christmas is coming up. So here are some home decoration pics for Christmas. What is your ideas for home decoration.......

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Angelina Jolie Childhood Pics

Angelina Jolie Childhood Pics

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Santa Claus tutorials

Santa Claus with Photoshop

Christmas season is just coming up. What are your planning for these Christmas holidays. Surely you are going to enjoy these holidays. And if you want to draw Santa Claus with photoshop you can use these tutorials links given under each image. 

Santa psd – My X-Mas Present by =S-a-t-i-n-e

Dancing Santa Claus and Christmas Tree
The Santa Claus Wallpaper

 Christmas card

:: SANTA CLAUS ::by ~Lelanie

Source for each image is given under the images. For full information about the tutorial please click the links given below each image.

Christmas Background

Christmas Background 

Christmas holiday are coming so here are some of Christmas background wallpapers for your computer.

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Funny Creative Necktie

 Funny Creative Necktie

These are some of funny ties. I am not suggesting you to wear these in office or in a interview. But if you own such courage then no one can stop you from wearing such type of ties. I think these type of ties are perfect for the funny parties.

Typical Definition of Tie
A necktie (or tie) is a long piece of cloth worn for decorative purposes around the neck or shoulders, resting under the shirt collar and knotted at the throat. Variants include the ascot tie, bow tie, bolo tie, and the clip-on tie. The modern necktie, ascot, and bow tie are descended from the cravat. Neck ties are generally unsized, but may be available in a longer size. Men and boys wear neckties as part of regular office attire or formal wear. Neckties can also be worn as part of a uniform (e.g. military, school and waitstaff), whereas some choose to wear them as everyday clothing attire. Neckties are traditionally worn with the top shirt button fastened, and the tie knot resting comfortably between the collar points. However, it has become common in recent times for neckties to be worn as a casual item, tied loosely around the neck, nearly always with one or several buttons unfastened...(more)

Keyboard Tie

Crossword Tie

Gaming Tie

Gaming Tie

Beer Tie

Ice cream Tie
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Friday, November 11, 2011

Button Art

Button Art

Ran Hwang is an amazing artist with a very creative mind. She creates incredible art by using thread, buttons and beads. It’s hard to believe that a button can be used to create such glorious piece of art. Really Art has no limit is the sky of creativity. 

Hereunder are her words what she feel about her art


I create large icons such as a Buddha or a traditional vase, using materials from the fashion industry. The process of building large installations are time consuming and repetitive and it requires manual effort which provides a form of self-meditation. I hammer thousands of pins into a wall like a monk who, facing the wall, practices Zen. My works are divided into two groups. Click here to read more

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Seven Chakra of Body

Seven Chakra of Body

Chakra is a concept originating in Hindu texts, featured in tantric and yogic traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism. Chakra is a concept referring to wheel-like vortices which, according to traditional Indian medicine, are believed to exist in the surface of the subtle body of living beings. The Chakras are said to be "force centers" or whorls of energy permeating, from a point on the physical body, the layers of the subtle bodies in an ever-increasing fan-shaped formation. Rotating vortices of subtle matter, they are considered the focal points for the reception and transmission of energies. Different systems posit a varying number of chakras; the most well known system in the West is that of seven chakras.

The following seven primary chakras are commonly described:

1. Muladhara

Muladhara (Sanskrit: मूलाधार, Mūlādhāra) is one of the seven primary chakras according to Hindu tantrism. It may be represented by the color red, although its root square form is usually yellow.

Muladhara is described as a yellow, square lotus, surrounded by eight shining spears on the sides and corners, and with four red petals. The deity of this region is Indra, who is yellow in colour, four-armed, holding a vajra and blue lotus in his hands, and mounted upon the white elephant Airavata, who has seven trunks, denoting the seven elements vital to physical functioning. Occasionally, instead of Indra, the deity is Ganesha, with coral orange skin, wearing a lemon yellow dhoti with a green silk scarf draped around his shoulders. In three of his hands he holds a ladu, a lotus flower, a hatchet, and the fourth is raised in the mudra of dispelling fear.


2. Swadhisthana

Swadhisthana (Sanskrit: स्वाधिष्ठान, Svādhiṣṭhāna) called 'One's own abode' is the second primary chakra according to Hindu Tantrism.

Swadhisthana is described as a black lotus, with 6 vermillion coloured petals. Inside of this lotus is a white crescent moon, formed by two different sized inner circles, one inside of the other. The crescent moon is the water region, whose deity is Varuna, white in colour, four-armed, holding a noose and seated on a crocodile. The two inner circles also have petals, the larger one has 8 outward facing petals, and the smaller one has 8 inward facing petals.



Manipura (Sanskrit: मणिपूर, Maṇipūra), called "city of jewels", is the third primary chakra according to Hindu tradition.

Manipura is represented by a downward pointing red triangle, the fire region, within a bright yellow circle, with 10 dark-blue or black petals, like heavily laden rain clouds. The triangle has a t-shaped swastika on each of its sides. The fire region is represented by the god Vahni, who is shining red, with 4 arms, holding a rosary and a spear, and making the gestures of granting boons and dispelling fear. He is seated on a ram, the animal that represents this chakra.


4. Anahata

Anahata (Sanskrit: अनाहत, Anāhata) is the fourth primary chakra according to the Hindu Yogic and Tantric (Shakta) traditions. In Sanskrit the word anahata - means unhurt, un-struck and unbeaten. Anahata Nad refers to the Vedic concept of unstruck sound, the sound of the celestial realm.

Anahata is represented by a smoke grey lotus flower, with 12 vermilion petals. Inside of it is a smoke-coloured region that is made from the intersection of 2 triangles, creating a shatkona. The Shatkona is a symbol used in Hindu yantra that represents the union of both the masculine and feminine form. More specifically it is supposed to represent Purusha (the supreme being), and Prakriti (mother nature, or causal matter). Often this is represented as Shiva - Shakti. The deity of this region is Vayu, who is smoke coloured, four-armed, holding a kusha and riding upon an antelope, the animal of this chakra.



Vishuddha (Sanskrit: विशुद्ध, Viśuddha) also known as Vishuddhi, is the fifth primary chakra according to Hindu tradition.

This chakra is white with 16 purple or smoke coloured petals, and within the pericarp is a sky-blue downward pointing triangle, within which is a circular region which is white like the full-moon, representing the element of akasha or ether. This region is represented by the deity Ambara, who is white in colour, with four arms, holding a noose and a goad, making the gestures of granting boons and dispelling fear, and seated upon a white elephant.


 6. Ajna

Ajna (Sanskrit: आज्ञा, ājňā, [aːɟɲʌ], meaning 'command' or 'summoning') is the sixth primary chakra according to Hindu tradition.

Ajna is white in colour, with 2 white petals. Inside of the pericarp is the Shakti Hakini, who is moon white, with 6 faces, and 6 arms, holding a book, a skull, a drum, a rosary, and making the gestures of granting boons and dispelling fears. Above her is a downward pointing triangle, within which is a moon-white lingum. In some systems the deity Ardhanarishvara a hermaphrodite form of Shiva-Shakti, symbolising the primordial duality of subject and object, resides within the lingum. Above the triangle is another smaller triangle, within which is the bija mantra Aum.


7. Sahasrara

Sahasrara/ Sahastrara (Sanskrit: सहस्रार, Sahasrāra) is the seventh primary chakra according to Hindu tradition.

Sahasrara is described with 1,000 multi-coloured petals which are arranged in 20 layers each of them with 50 petals. The pericarp is golden, and inside of it is a circular moon region, inside of which is a downward pointing triangle.


It is said that we need a guru for kundlini yog sadhana. Kundlini Yog is done under the supervision of a guru. So if you want to learn the art of Kundlini Yog you need to find a true guru.

 For more information please Visite the Source link given under. Also hyperlinks are given under every heading of this post. Please click those link to know more about Kundlini Yog Sadhana.


Have a deep Meditation.



Funny creative clocks

Funny Clock

Here are some funny but very creative wall clocks. These clocks are unusual but on the same time these are attracting our attention. I love whatever clocks the most. You can buy these clocks too. Just have a look on these pics and decide, which clock you are planning to buy?

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If you are willing to buy some of these clocks please visit this link.


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