Sunday, December 26, 2010

Interesting type of Soaps

These are very interesting type of Soaps. Shape of these soaps is awesome. Just check it out you will love to use these Soaps.

This is not a cake. It is a colored soap.

This is another beautiful Soap art. Picture below Seems as a ice-cream. But is is a soap.

This heart shape shop is very creative. Love this creation.
This is Lemon shape soap. Very creative.
Very impressive soap art representing soap art.

This is not a computer mouse. It is soap. Love this soap.

This is not a cake. Don't eat this cake. Because it is not a cake it is a soap. What a imagination of a creator.

This is stared shape Soap. Good for children.

Very good art over the soap.

I love this creation.

Very find art over the soap. Nice soap art.

Don't think its a cake its a soap.

 These are not space ship. These is a very fine example of soap art. Very fine imagination of the creator.


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